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Clover Point, the Breakwall, and Macaulay Point are most certainly the places to be. Fishing Report. This can be a great time of the season for everythingsalmon, halibut, and a buffet of bottom fish in the Victoria/Oak Bay area. The limit for bottomfish is one rock cod and one lingcod per day. May is also a great month to get out and target some halibut (white gold). here. One All rights reserved. Other spots to try are Clover Point, Oak Bay Flats, The Gap, and Ten Mile Point. We handle all kinds of live bait in season and we are WHOLESALE ONLY. By Capt. Id like to start off by saying I hope everybody is safe and healthy. Check out the latest fishing & tackle news, tips, fishing reports and detailed fish information. tuna. Like i said before, we were going to start our morning off tailing. In the southwest corner of the state at Warrnambool, at the end of the Great Ocean Road, anglers can try their luck on the Hopkins River estuary, a nine-kilometre stretch of water extending from Point Ritchie to Allansford. Tomorrow: 78 / 72 F Marathon. webapi.showDistanceControl(true); But I know for a fact the fish in the Victoria/Sooke area are feeling much safer. My favourite part is being on the water at 4 a.m., before the rest of the world gets moving. Anywhere from 200 to 400 of water. Canada, V9B 1H9, 1681a Island Highway The salmon have been feeding close to the bottom and thats where anglers are targeting them. 28 Feb 23 View Article . January 8, 2023. Be prepared have the knowledge of the Area and fish for what you want to hook up on. You cant go wrong with Rhys Davis Teaser heads in the Betsy, Bloody Nose, Purple Haze, and UV Green behind OKi Betsy or Madi Flashers. If the dogfish are a problem, dont hesitate to drop a jig down with no bait. Halibut fishing should still be decent. All in all, August is a great time to get out on the water, so get out there and get your rods bent! Fairfax Point, Saanichton Spit, and Coal Island have been producing catches as well, but many of the fish are too small for retention. Get out and drop a line. Crabbing and shrimping has been GOOD in Sooke Basin. & Rivers ..Estuaries..Saltwater.. Mount Emu Creek: Tackle Shack Shop RODS REELS . We'll work with you to deliver services that support liveable, inclusive and sustainable communities and thriving natural environments. Some years the dogfish can be bad; try non-baited lures like the Delta Hali Hawg, or my personal favourite, the Gibbs Big Eye jig. [ January 26, 2023 ] Bundaberg Report Bundaberg. Anchovies or herring in a glow green Rhys Davis Anchovy Teaser Head are popular favourites, and with good reason. While you might catch the odd mid-depth fish, more than 90% of them will be right on the bottom looking for food. 96 Recfishwest Newsletter View this email in your browser Recfishwest Fishing Report 03/02/23 Red bass are common throughout the northern regions of Western Australia and the Rowley Shoals is rife with these stunning fish. Pick days with slower currents and anchor up on Constance Bank, Border Bank, or Oak Bay Flats in 175 to 300 of water to get on some white gold (halibut). The maximum size for a halibut is 133 cmbe sure you read up on the regs and always have a measuring device. Be safe and tight lines. Hopefully the Yellows bite a little in the dark. The reports are compiled by an outside contractor who receives the Halibut have to be 115 cm or under to keep. Great time to book a charter, the pinkies are now starting to fire up and customers are having a great time. lake levels, water temperatures, and other important information. Crabbing has been GOOD in the bay. Also we have a 1.5 day trip leaving on July 20th that still has openings, jump on it to try your shot at some quality local Bluefin! View All Publications. Fee Paid Ponds ( Adobe PDF) Fish Attractor Maps. For this method you really have to pay attention to your sounder, and jig over areas where the fish stack up. Trout fishing has been SLOW at local lakes. Tips, best practices, places and the go-to lures are just a sample of what you'll find in our Area Reports. Stay safe and tight lines. [ January 23, 2023 ] Maroochy River Report Maroochy River. The bass have moved into deep water and deep-water structures hold fish. Halibut opens Februar 1, 2023 The preferred method is to anchor and fish with spreader bars, 2-lb weights and bait. March 25th Tickets are by donation. Using a spreader bar, 2-lb weight, and a 2 leader with mackerel, octopus, herring, and salmon bellies will be your best bet. While fishing coho, try using light fly rods to make these hard-fighting fish even more of a challenge. Early season is the best time to halibut fish in the Victoria area. If you would like to have a fishing report published then simply email us at and include a description of what you caught, how you caught it, and the rough area it was caught and attach a few photos and we will gladly share this on the reports page. Weston Russell, Contributing Writer Welcome to the Coastal Angler Magazine fishing report for the month of June! If you see me, give me a wave. Try spoons like Coho Killers, Skinny Gs, and Wee Gs in Herring Aid, White Lighting, Cop Car, Bon Chovy, and No Bananas patterns. The whole stretch of water from Clover Point to MacAulay Point will hold springs. June is a great month to fish in the Victoria/Oak Bay waters. See details. Colours to try are Bloody Nose, Purple Haze, Green Chrome, and UV Green. Delivery: Estimated between Fri, 17 Mar and Wed, 22 Mar to 23917. This is also the time of year where you start to see boats hugging the shore in shallower water at places like the Breakwater, Macaulay Point, Clover Point, or Ten Mile Point. Home Reports NSW Fishing Reports South West . Needlefish spoons and hoochies are your key to success. Madi or OKi Salty Dog flasher right on the bottom will keep your reels screaming! T. Ive had some unbelievable fishing off Ten Mile in the middle of July! Southwest victoria fishing reports What a way to catch a fish! Wild fish have to be under 67 cm and hatchery can be any size over 45 cm. Well, here we are in September. Pinks will bite almost anything at any time, so its a great time of year to get the kids out to get in on the action! Ah, must be Julya great time of the year to fish Chinook in the Victoria/Oak Bay area. I like to fish dropoffs and long flat areas on the edge of dropoffs. Skinny G spoons in Tailspin, Bon Chovy, and Herring Aide patterns fished behind a Gibbs. The Port Campbell pier that is situated Regulations get visited by DFO June 15 and usually change, so keep an eye out for modifications. Walleye, Sauger, and Channel Catfish are being caught below the locks on the Monongahela River. Thursday morning. Popular flashers have been Green/Silver or Green/Glow. Caution must be taken as not all areas have safe access, especially Gibson As we roll into June, the Chinook fishing off Victoria remains strong. For teaser heads, try anchovies in a Bloody Nose or Chrome Betsy. Find out what's working and what's not when fishing in the Victoria area on Southern Vancouver Island. 25 Feb 23 . Today we had 16 Bluefin Tuna for 21 anglers. Try Coho Killers, Wee Gs, and Skinny Gs in any of the popular colours. Run any of these setups behind a variety of flashers; I recommend the Madi, OKi Phantom, OKi Betsy, and the new OKi Super Herring Aid. Trout weighing up to 2.5 kg have been landed, but the fish found here normally average up to 1kg. Move along little doggie! March and April are also the peak months to fish halibut in our area. Trout and redfish are best wade fishing in the last two hours of sunlight. no name calling . If youre looking to make the pinks and coho a little scrappier, try using a fly rod with a bucktail fly or a small pink plug right on the surface. We arrived at the Lake Purrumbete Caravan park . South West Tackle Stores. June is a magical time in the southern Strait of Juan de Fuca. Oak Bay Flats, The Humps at Constance, and The Gap are all great jigging areas. Fish close to shore with anchovies, spoons, or hoochies. Lagoon Pier, Kerferd Road Pier, Station Pier, Princes Pier, Webb Dock Port Melbourne. the launch has multiple camping areas within close proximity providing good . monofilament. Fishing Report Mar 02, 2023 Trellys Fishing Report Feb 27, 2023 Trellys Fishing Report Feb 10, 2023 Trellys Fishing Report Feb 02, 2023 Trellys Fishing Report Jan 19, 2023 Trellys Fishing Report Jan 12, 2023 Trellys Fishing Report Jan 06, 2023 Trellys Fishing Report Dec 30, 2022 Trellys Fishing Report Dec 23, 2022 2 3 West Coast Bioregion demersal fishing closure. The Victoria Advocate reported Tuesday that the site 6 miles. Chinook fishing in June can be great at all the hot spots, like Oak Bay Flats, the Gap, and Constance Bank. For the latest detailsonrecreational fishery openings and closuresin your area: A) Call1-866-431-FISH or 604-666-2828 (24-hour phone line); B) Visit our web applicable fishery notices; or, C) Follow our sport fishing Twitter account If you wish to book a Port RenfrewFishing Charter, please call 250-475-4969. as been FAIR . From catching big Chinook along the coastline to heading offshore to target pinks and coho, August is red-hot fishing. March is usually the month that halibut fishing really kicks off in our area. 2023 Island Fisherman Magazine | All Rights Reserved. The best area to fish is the Riverbottom section. You just have to have ago their are fish out their and charter company will find them for you . The key to success is fishing right on the bottom with needlefish lures like Herring Aid and White Lightning Coho Killers, Kingfisher Cookies n Cream, Herring Aid and Irish Cream spoons as well as squirts in Purple Haze, Pink Haze, and J79. and Salmon can be had from any one of the beaches like Peterborough Bay Here is a suggested tackle list for our 5:30 - 5:00 Coronado island trips for February and March. NSW Fishing Reports South West Rocks Report February 2, 2023 Fishing Monthly 03/02/23 Now we are coming into the time of the year when things start to fire up here at the Rocks and with any luck the North Easterlies don't blow too hard. All the usual sports are producing wellConstance Bank, Border Bank, and the Mud Hole are all worth a shot. To find out about fish stockings all over the Island and the province, as well as the different strains being released, click on the link I hope everyone is having a great summer on the water! Here we are in July already! Curdies Bream. Other spots to try are Clover Point and Constance Bank. These fish are usually found in tight to shore and in shallower water. South West. Can also be used by local bait suppliers Only members who have been a member for at least 30 days and have 25 posts will be eligible to post classifieds on our board. Squirts to try are Purple Haze, Pink Haze, and Green Splatterback. We really like Mustad EZ baiters in the 10/0 size. [emailprotected]. Todays offshore trip produced 50 skipjack and 20 small yellowtail. If you limit out early, try your luck at lingcod. Brighton to Sandringham. Reporting of Fisheries interactions with protected species Aquatic Strategic Action Group (ASAG) Victorian Inland Commercial Fishing Policy Forms - Licences and Boats Permits Aquaculture Aquaculture Management Licensing Production systems Species Murray Cod aquaculture Shellfish Seaweed aquaculture of the most popular sections of coastline for sight seeing in Victoria, Whiting charters are going extremely well. Some of my favourite fishing is in November and December for the abundant, scrappy winter springsits absolutely world class! Popular flashers have been Jelly Fish Glow, The Bon Chovy, theMadi and the Super Betsey. Of those 386 were Landbased. South-East. Check for details. There is excellent While spoons and hoochies will work, its tough to beat a well-rolled anchovy in August. Mauritian Rupees - MUR. That will keep the pesky doggies away. Halibut fishing is excellent in May as well. Trollers are catching the most trout with worms fished on Gibbs Wedding Bands behind Gang Trolls. AP Tackleworks and GIBBS Needlefish spoons and squirts were the best lures to use. Herring Aid spoons in Skinny G or Kingfisher will be sure to get your knuckles busted. If youre looking for non-stop action, head out to the first, second, or third tide lines to fish for pinks and coho. We generally anchor for halibut around these areas, so be very careful with our strong currents and dont anchor in any shipping lanes. The afternoon seemed like it was going to be slow, but low and behold late in the day we got what we think is the biggest cow of the season so far. Jigging at all three spots can be very productive, but most people will be trolling with needlefish patterns. Fish any of these setups behind a Madi or Betsy flasher on the bottom youll keep your rods buckled! On one we had 22 and the other 13! We only had a short break in Melbourne's unpredictable weather but it was enough to get out on the water to try our luck with the Snapper, we caught Snapper on every trip with only one trip getting a small catch, every other trip seen good numbers of fish come aboard. The last 5 days has been exclusively Bluefin Tuna. Real good fishing today in the morning on 70-125 lb. Today was a great day. Portland and district has some of the most exceptional flora and fauna combined with a rugged coastline and outstanding fishing. We are still fishing offshore everyday. At the time of writing, the new halibut regulations arent out, so make sure you check the regs before you head out. The fish will be close to the surface at daylight, but it wont be long before theyre back on the bottom for the day. Fishing is SLOW in all lakes now that we are in winter. Tomorrow: 78 / 72 F St. Petersburg. 291 Topics. I hope everyone gets out to enjoy some great spring Chinook fishing! Check the currents if anchoring. Big Chinook in numbers pass through the area as they migrate to their home rivers. 2.7K Fly Fishing; 2.5K Tropics; 1K Sportsman's Kitchen; 1.2K Conservation Forums; 1.2K Conservation Front; 112.4K Regions-Fishing Reports (11 Forums) 9.6K Keys General Fishing & The Outdoors; 8.4K South General Fishing & The Outdoors; 9.4K Big Bend General Fishing & The Outdoors; 2K Ten Thousand Islands General Fishing & The Outdoors With 4 a.m. sunrises and 10 p.m. sunsets, you can really get out on the water every day before or after work. Choose your area of interest below. Most of the fish will be found right on the bottom, but occasionally youll find the odd one mid-water. Peterborough Mason Beller and a big permit caught in the surf in Key West. Looking for a UK person? Lakes and Waterways. 2023 Salmon fishing had been SPOTTY on the Flats and in the Gap and the bad weather didnt help either.. We even got them biting bait for a couple stops. Try White Lightning coho killer, Skinny G Bon Chovy, or white glow needlefish hoochies behind an OKi Betsy or Madi flasher. Drifting on the west end of the bay will land a few catches. Team Supreme Charter a boat or join a game fishing tour in the ocean waters for larger sharks, southern bluefin tuna and smaller mackerel tuna. Yellowfin to start the morning and Yellowtail and Grouper during the day. Report by King Cod. The beauty of fishing out of these areas is how close the fish are to the marinas and boat launches. Gellibrand River Effective 00:01 hours March 1 until 23:59 hours March 31, 2023, the daily limit for Chinook is two (2) per day. There have also been lots of just undersize springs recently, so the action has been good even if the size has not been great. September and October are also great months for halibut off Victoria. In recent years, jigging for springs on the Oak Bay flats has become very popular, and what a great way to catch a fish! Last post Re: Webb dock 29-07-22. by Leonard. Going out on a charter does not guarantee you catching your dream fish. Yellowtail, bass, giant barracuda and bonitaare all biting well making for a action filled day on the water and fat bags of fillets for the BBQ. Try 150 to 300 of water with salmon bellies, mackerel, or herring on a spreader bar and 2-lb weights. The strait of Juan de Fuca has some pretty fast currents that can make anchoring dangerous. // You can disable the control by options or with explicit function. Bottomfish are still open in June, and you can find nice lingcod and other rock fish on any of the many rocky reefs around the area. I bounce the bottom and bring the downriggers up a foot or twoconstantly checking for bottom every few minutes. Anglers are still catching trout in the Youghiogheny River from Connellsville up to Ohiopyle. Fishing is running hot at the moment!! Oak Bay Flats and the Gap are the hotspots, both full of needlefish. Also, give jigs a go when the dogs are bad. As soon as we see yellowtail the rock fishing will take a back seat. So much fun to catch, and great eating! Try speeding up and using small flashy spoons. Ill tell you where: Fishinglots of fishing. This month sees some of the biggest Chinook of the year cruise by on their migration back to their home rivers. Add a business . Gold Nugget Skinny Gs or green and white Coho Killers are a solid choice, as are white glow hoochiesthey always work great for coho. This page is all about fishing around the southwest of victoria and southeast south australia. Oak Bay Flats, The Gap, and Constance Bank are the go-to spots. As always, have a great time making memories and catching some fish! Call 619-224-3383 for reservations. Come on out and go fishing on the San Diego. Bouncing bottom is the key to success in this fishery. Halibut fishing was GOOD, and weve heard of fish as large as 40 lbs caught. Brighton Pier, Elwood, Sandringham and surrounds. 27 Feb 23 View Article . Try spreader bars with bait such as herring, salmon bellies, octopus, and mackerel. Be sure to check the regulations for salmon limits and size restrictions. There is still some amazing tuna fishing to be had but right now your best bet is to hop on an Overnight a 1.5 or longer trip due to the location of the fish. May is still a great time to Halibut fish in our area. Green/Glow hoochies and spoons such as SkinnyGs, Wee Gs, AP Tackleworks, Krippled KC and Kingfisher spoons have been effective for the winter springs. Catch my two weekly Fishing Segments with David Bevan's Mornings Program (every Friday at 10.20am on ABC Adelaide 891) & then on ABC North & West (639/1485 with Chook Harslett) at 07.30am on a Saturday! Try the Gibbs Twisted Sister Flasher and the Madi Flasher with a wide variety of spoons and hoochies. Anchovies and small herring have been popular baits and good choices for teaser head colors are Chartreuse, UV Green and Bloody Nose. If youve got any questions, feel free to contact me. On a trip in late February, 14 fares managed 24 keeper cod. These early-season fish are super aggressive and competitive for foodthey make that that reel scream! Were seeing super fishing for Chinook off Oak Bay Flats and especially the Gap. The South West Fishing Report & News Clear Water Cod. Lakes is crossed by road, most of these spots provide for good fishing. As September rolls around, the kids are back in school and the big crowds of boats are for the most part gone. The water level steadily dropped during the week. Trolling fast with the gear right on bottom will do the trick! The 2019 offshore season has been another one for the books. [ February 23, 2023 ] Forster Report Forster. Fish for these tasty treats right off the bottom. That doesnt mean the fish are gone too, though! Local halibut fishing can be excellent! I like to use anchovies or herring in Rhys Davis teaser heads behind a Madi or Betsy flasher. See details. Boat Ramps There are a number of public boat ramps around Melbourne and the wider area of Victoria. In these crazy times, getting out on the water, whether fresh or salt, is a great way to forget about everything and enjoy the outdoors. Please send photos (in jpeg format) and descriptions of your notable catch to, Copyright 2018 - 2023 Island Outfitters [BC] | A Victoria BC Hunting and Fishing website by Radar Hill Web Design, (Our fishing report goes out weekly, our flyers and specials go out monthly),, Try using light fly rods with spoons and a dummy flasher off the downrigger to get the most out of every fish. Try UK People Search on Victoria Park Angling . There are 100 pounders around but they didnt bite today. Bass fishing is GREAT on Island lakes as the water temperatures rise and the bass move into the shallows prior to spawning. Coho can be anywhere from the surface down to 200-plus ft, although surface to 80 ft is more common. A 25 pound flurocarbon outfit with a 1 or 2 sized live bait hook has been the ticket. One of my favourite spots in July is for sure the Gap, an hour before and after either flood or ebb slack tide.

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